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    Welcome to Celtic Crossings Pub!

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    About Us

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    CELTIC CROSSINGS PUB is a Celtic bar and grill that brings the cultures of the Celtic Isles together. We accomplish this by providing Traditional Celtic Fare from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England in both a quality dining and pub atmosphere. We also provide an elegant selection of fine beers and whiskies, paying tribute to all the Celtic Isles. To accompany our quality food and drinks, we provide entertainment in the form of traditional music and dance as well as other Celtic heritage events. It is our hope and dream that we may be the first to bring the over-whelming majority of this area a taste of the beauty we experienced during our time in the Celtic Isles.

    We cater to all ages and ethnicities, but it is our mission to provide families a glimpse of our heritage during the day time hours and on weekends through our heritage events program. Entertainment will consist of traditional pub songs and live music bands during the after dinner hours. Our passion is not just for our business but for our community of which the Celtic isles descendants are such a vast number. We believe wholeheartedly in the preservation and education of our community and its importance in developing successful youth. Nothing should come between a community and its history, or children and their right to know about their ancestry. We also believe that by providing this information, we will be strengthening the family bonds and disrupting the decay of family values in our community. Our atmosphere is casual and welcoming. Everyone is a regular.

    Check out our Prescott Highland Games Club Page!


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    One Hundred Thousand Welcomes Who Were The Celts
    According to Sister John Miriam, the Celts were people whose faith permeated every aspect of their lives. They were originally from Central Europe, and inhabited Ireland - as well as England and Scotland and Brittany in northern France - around 500 - 150 B.C. after being driven to the west and north, mostly by the Romans.

    St. Patrick introduced Christianity to the Celts around 431 A.D. In his attempts to convert the Celts, Patrick highlighted the many similarities between their beliefs and those of the Christian faith, such as the existence of an afterlife. Seeing the parallels, the Celts were easily converted. Their conversion brought to Christianity a perspective unlike that of the Romans.


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    CELT aka GAEL is a member of one of the ancient peoples speaking Gaeilge (Gaelic). They originated (c. 1500 B.C.) in S.W. Germany and spread through France to N.Spain and the British Isles. Successive Celtic invasions reached upper Italy, Bohemia, Hungary, Illyria, and Asia Minor. They were eventually absorbed by the Romans and the barbarians. Siblings of the Gaulish Celts crossed to Britain as early as 400 B.C., becoming the Britons, who nine centuries later would be gradually pushed by the Angles and Saxons into Cornwall, where they would become the Cornish, and into Wales, where they would become the Welsh. It is from these Breton Celts that the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table would spring. About 350 B.C., some 50 years after the Celtic tribes began their invasion of Britain, they reached IRELAND. Some came by way of Britain, but most who gained ascendency were Iberian Celts, whose language was somewhat different than the Briton Celts. These became the Irish; and the language they spoke belongs NOT to the Brythonic branch of Welsh and Breton but to a Celtic branch called “Goidelic” by scholars - whose present-day shoots are the last living Gaelic tongues: IRISH and SCOTS Gaelic. IRELAND itself is the only Celtic nation - state in the world, all the other Celts have been absorbed by larger political entities.